Isola - Island

Sicily is the pearl of this century,Since old times, travelers from the most far away country boast of its merits, praise its territory, rave about its extraordinary beauty, and highlight its strengths because it brings together the best aspects from every other country.
Al-Idrisi Arab geographer, The Book of Roger, 1138

And anyone who has once known this land can never be quite free from the nostalgia for it.
D. H. Lawrence 

I was enchanted the limpidity of the sky, the restless splendor of the sun, the beauty of the countryside, a certain excitement of the fantasy,which brought to mind the time when in the fields one encountered the divine.
Jean Houel, 1735

The climates delicate; the air most sweet.
Fertile the isle, the temple much surpassing
The common praise it bears.

The South of Italy and Sicily were a gift from the gods to the Greeks.
Salvatore Furnari, Historian
The lovliest region of Italy: a stunning orgy of colors, scents, and lights a great delight
Sigmund Freud
Those men, those of former times, had soul and eyes that in no way resemble ours, and in their veins, along with their blood, flowed something that has disappeared: love and admiration for the Beautiful
Guy de Maupassant, Sicily