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Bdm Sicily is a tour operator specializing in quality tourism in Sicily that aims to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding traveler, guaranteeing unique holidays, organized in precise detail.

This prestigious collection features luxurious hotels, the most beautiful resorts and exclusive charming, historic Sicilian residences, especially period style residences and ancient “masserie”, large country properties of noble families in the past. The true island traditions still echo in these beautifully restored Sicilian buildings where naturally you feel the essence of a people and its history more. You feel the authentic Sicily and enjoy comfort and elegance as well.

Our special cultural and gastronomic tours for small groups of travelers are the fruit of careful selections from the countless beauties of the island. Selections that take into account all that Sicily possesses that is unique in the world: the majesty of its nature, the beauty of its sea and volcanoes, the splendor of its monuments, the friendliness and strong sense of hospitality of its inhabitants.
Combine it all with services planned to suit you, and the result will be an unforgettable holiday on the richest island in the Mediterranean for art, history and nature.

...And for your wedding, choose Sicily!
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